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CAN believes that when you empower an individual

to become financially responsible and equip them

with the tools necessary to control their credit and 

finances, that you also begin to transform their

families, their neighborhoods and communities.

Check cashers, title lenders, and payday lenders

become credit unions and community banks, and

liquor stores are transformed into convenience 

stores and grocery stores that provide healthy

eating choices.

CAN believes that a community empowered with their own sense of financial dignity asks more questions, leads from within, demands better products and services and positions themselves as an upwardly mobile emerging market for the future.  An empowered community is a community filled with economic opportunity.

Those with bad credit often find themselves in never ending debt. They are unable to afford to pay off debts, they face high finance charges and constantly patronizing cash checkers,  payday loans and other means to get caught up, when in reality they are caught in a financial spiral. If this is not changed, they find difficulty getting work or loans to start businesses or go to school--this impacts their ability to thrive.

CAN provides free one-on-one credit counseling services at our Conyers GA location and  over the phone. Our Certified Personal Finance Counselors help clients identify specific debt and budgeting issues and take steps to establish or improve their credit.

Our counseling program includes:
Free TransUnion credit report
One-on-one consultation with a credit professional
Assistance in writing dispute letters
Comprehensive budget preparation
Credit and Money Management Workshops

Home-ownership shops and much more