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Strong communities are led from within. Providing tools to support the growing needs of a community and those leaders within are essential in identifying and addressing the needs of vulnerable families within. Empowering those within to become advocates for their communities is key to a self sufficient community. 

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We must ACT by supporting the needs of the community through the development of outreach programs that fuel entrepreneurship & train a skilled workforce for self sufficiency. In times of natural disasters we must ACT to provide immediate aid to those in need. 
Access to education, safe learning environments and financial literacy are basic human rights. It reduces poverty and offers the tools needed to succeed in life. 


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Turning CAN'T into CAN, one community at a time. 

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Our work matters. From passing out care packets, that assist a homeless veteran with personal hygiene, to guiding a team of community volunteers to leadership in cleaning up their own communities after a natural disaster to teaching an at risk 15-year old entrepreneur to read a profit and loss statement--we believe that we must equip our communities with the very basic of needs in order to be successfully self sufficient and poverty free--we have to meet them where they are.

​While you can volunteer with us directly, even traveling to provide needy families with materials and education, to starting a chapter in your town, there's much you can do on your own. Contact us to learn more about opportunities and ideas for donating, fundraising, hosting events, campaigning, buying gifts, and involving your school or company.

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